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SuperVoiz is a telecommunications company specializing in portable wireless telephone and data capability. The company offers quality VoIP services at amazing prices which helps customers around the world to make cheaper long distance phone calls using internet as the medium. SuperVoiz is leading in the list of quality service providers as it has maximum faith in the objective of total quality assurance. The company strives hard to provide satisfactory services to its customers. Moreover, from the unmatched VoIP quality to worthy reseller tools, SuperVoiz has it all to offer the best to its customers.

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24*7 Support

Our expert team is always present 24 hours, all 365 days in a year, to solve any technical issue you face. Our support team can also be reached via chat..

Best Performance

Get your product custom tailored according to your region. Thus, provide an enhanced service experience to your clients.

Customized Solution

According to customer's requirements we offer special module with consideration of specific zone or region of customers.

Easy Payment

Doing international transactions can prove to be very tricky.Our local agents also provide payment assistance. We offer online payment facility.


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